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Is this display folder made from subtle leather?  Is this box covered in linen? Did they really print that on fine brocade?  These will be the questions your customers ask when you purchase rotary embossed papers and paper board from Hazen Paper.


  • Process starts with transfer metalizing Envirofoil® to the paper or board of your choice

  • The Envirofoil® is then embossed in one of Hazen Paper’s 100 plus embossing patterns creating ENVIROBOSS™

  • ENVIROBOSS™ will lay flat and stay flat!!


  • Over 100 patterns to choose from

  • Can be used on light paper and heavy boards

  • Emboss supported foil laminated at Hazen Paper

  • Shipping  in rolls or sheets

  • Most embossing can be printed and stamped

  • Rotary embossing patterns are seamless and can be finished to any length


  • Combine our embossing patterns with Hazen laminates for a dynamic look

  • Set Up Box Wrap

  • Folding Cartons

  • Commercial Printing

  • Create faux leathers and fabrics by combining Hazen Gravure Coatings and Rotary Embossing

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