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Solid colors with richness and depth, graceful and elegant printed patterns, pearlescent and metallic coatings that glisten on the surface of paper.  Let Hazen Paper bring technology and creativity to the timeless printing technique of Gravure Coating.


  • Custom Color Matches

  • Custom Print Patterns

  • Up to 4 in-line Print Stations

  • Shipping in rolls or sheets

  • Aesthetic and Functional Coatings

  • Coating on Paper, Film, and Supported Foil


  • Combine our gravure technology with Hazen laminates for a dynamic look

  • Set Up Box Wrap

  • Folding Cartons

  • Commercial Printing

  • Custom Colored metallic finishes

  • Particulate Coatings

  • Solvent based color and functional coatings

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