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We can laminate a variety of foils and specialty films to a wide range of paper and paper board.  With four laminators, in two different mills, imagination may be the only limit to what you can achieve when you partner with Hazen Paper.


  • Foil to Paper, Film to Paper, and Paper to Paper laminations

  • Paper Range: 30# to over 36pt

  • Hazen Envirofoil® Transfer Laminations

  • Hazen Foiljet® and Holojet® (HP Indigo printable) laminations

  • Widths up to 72”

  • Shipping in rolls or sheets

  • In line coating for custom colors and ink receptivity


  • Custom Holographic Images

  • Metallized Films

  • Aluminum Foil Laminations

  • Mirror Finishes

  • Custom Colored Metallic Finishes

  • Faux Metal Finishes

  • Paper to Paper Lamination

  • Eco-Friendly Metallic Finishes

  • Pulp Based alternatives to rigid plastic

Ask about Hazen’s environmentally friendly Envirofoil® Transfer Laminations

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