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Hazen has developed and registered many unique holographic patterns for the cannabis and CBD packaging industry. These holographic patterns are laminated to the packaging substrate of your choice and printed upon, often with translucent ink, to achieve an incredible allure and eye catching effect.


As the cannabis industry experiences exponential growth, Hazen's holographic patterns will aid to differentiate and accentuate your cannabis or CBD brand. Hazen has the ability to create custom holograms for brand security and authentication, as seen in the video below. Our holography and brand protection capabilities are completely performed in-house at our facilities in Holyoke, MA. Hazen operates in a vertically integrated fashion allowing precision quality and control over all aspects of your project.

All of Hazen's registered cannabis patterns can be produced on our ENVIROFOIL® product line, a sustainable and environmentally friendly metallized solution.


Additionally, Hazen has developed the technology to create HazenLock™, a tear-resistant product that can be customized for various uses. Examples include edibles, folding carton, vaping cartridges, concentrates, and pre-roll packaging.

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