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What are your quick ship products?

You can visit a list of our quick ship products here. After you’ve decided on what you would like you can contact customer service to place an order or have them answer any questions you may have.

How do I choose the right stock for my project?

Our staff is extremely knowledgeable in our products and their capabilities. Contact customer service & sales and we will be happy to figure out the perfect fit for your project and budget.

What does Hazen do?

Hazen is known as a “foil laminator”; taking thin gauge aluminum foil and laminating this to paper or board. The terminology is now dated and can be misleading, but it remains in use as an abbreviation or “short hand” reference.

What is the typical caliper of the foil we laminate at Hazen?

0.000225” or “quarter-mil” foil. The metric equivalent is 0.005715mm.

What are the applications for foil laminated paper?

Labels, lottery tickets, greeting cards, blister packs, magazine and book covers, folding cartons, box wrap.

What are the benefits of aluminum foil?

It’s 100% opaque, which makes it ideal as a barrier layer for securing the data on lottery or scratch tickets. Foil has “dead fold”, which means that once bent or shaped, it will retain that new form or position. Foil is temperature resistant and water proof making it popular in label applications.

What are the limitations of aluminum foil?

The surface finish of foil has limitations for total gloss given the way it is made. Aluminum is more susceptible to cracking at the score due to its limited elongation. Of all the reflective options, aluminum foil is the least shiny. Aluminum foil will oxidize (rust) over time, so it should be top coated after lamination to prevent oxidation and to impart printability. Modified acrylic water-based topcoats are most commonly used.

Are there alternatives to foil?

Yes, at Hazen there are two options for traditional foil laminations: metallized polyester film and transfer metallization.

What is metallized polyester film?

Thin gauge (0.0005” or “half mil”) polyester film is metallized in a vacuum chamber, and then laminated to paper or board. The metal we use at Hazen is primarily aluminum and we have recently introduced zinc sulfide. Other calipers of film can be used, typically 0.001” (“one-mil”) and 0.002” (“two-mil”). The term “foil board” may be heard or used to describe this type or product, although it is technically incorrect. The term “Mylar” is also incorrect. The proper and most common identifier would be just “met-poly”.

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