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Hazen's Holo-Database

Hazen has created an incredible design resource, our virtual collection of licensed and registered holographic patterns! All of our patterns are designed, created, and originated for production in our vertically-integrated state of the art facility in Holyoke Massachusetts. If you've thought of a unique holographic pattern, odds are we have it. If we don't, we can make it!

We've amassed the world's largest online holographic database. If you are a current customer or prospect, you can request access to our design database through the following submission form:



Terms & Conditions:

Hazen Paper Company (Hazen) will be providing you with proprietary hologram images that will be transmitted exclusively in digital form.  These hologram images are owned by and will always remain the property of Hazen. 


The hologram images are being made available temporarily and for the sole purpose of you, our valued customer,  using each image as part of a larger design (e.g., print design) for customer sales presentations for the marketing of these products.  The granting of these usage rights does not constitute a transfer of ownership rights or copyrights. 


Where each hologram image will be acquired digitally, the following copyright notice will be linked electronically with the image data [© ____ (year of first publication) Hazen Paper Company].    


As a user, you must ensure through appropriate technical provisions that this link will be retained with each use including, but not limited to, each use of an image as part of a larger design (e.g., print design) for customer presentations.     


Please acknowledge your agreement with the above-stated terms and conditions.  Once acknowledged, we will arrange for the transmission of the proprietary hologram images.

Thanks for submitting!

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