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 Since 2009, Hazen has been proud to offer their holographic patterns, holographic design and printing services, to members of the creative community.

This includes internationally known companies, under our federally registered trademarks, Hazen-Lens™ and 3D Hazen-Lens™.

Hazen’s proprietary imaging process uses a digital file, an algorithm or computer program (technology invented by Hazen Paper), which may then be optimized & customized by our in-house artistic designers to produce 3-dimensional, truly holographic shapes and complex artistic designs. 

In Hazen’s “Holography Lab” the digital file is then rendered or “originated” on to (into) a plate “glass master” with the use of high powered lasers and a complex system of optics and robotics.

Hazen then renders a glass master to transfer or translate the holographic pattern into metal or plastic.

The glass or plastic holographic pattern (a true 3D hologram) is then combined with 2D graphics to create a visual screen (surface), while projecting (refracted light) from behind and through the translucent graphics.

In addition to marketing Hazen’s novel holographic patterns under the Hazen-Lens™ and 3D Hazen-Lens™ marks, Hazen is also proud to have worked with some of the world’s most recognized companies.

We have partnered to create unique, compelling holographic patterns & designs in accordance with our clients objectives.

From state lottery tickets, to Hollywood DVD covers & packaging, to designing holograms for the NFL to use for their Superbowl programs, Hazen’s proven Hazen-Lens™ holographic patterns, related holographic design & printing services offer unparalleled performance & customer response.


  • Custom Holographic Images

  • Custom Images registered to your printing

  • Images up to 50” x 40”

  • Wide range of stock holographic patterns

  • Custom security features

  • 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional imagery

  • Imagery with motion (Stereogram)

  • Design consultations

  • Proofing Services to show what your printed piece will look like


  • Custom Holographic Images for Packaging

  • POP displays

  • Magazine, Catalog, and Book Covers

  • Trading and Playing Card

  • Supported and Unsupported Label Stock

  • Cold Transfer Films

  • Eco-Friendly Plastic Card alternatives with full face custom holograms

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