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Hazen Earns Major International Recyclability Certifications

HOLYOKE, MA – Hazen Paper Company’s Envirofoil® has earned high marks from two major international environmental research facilities.

Silver and holographic variants of Hazen's transfer metallized Envirofoil® were evaluated for recyclability by two accredited testing centers, Interseroh and Lucense, located in Germany and Italy respectively. Envirofoil® is Hazen's environmentally friendly option for metallized and holographic packaging and print solutions. Sub-micron transfer-metallized Envirofoil® uses less than 1% of the aluminum of traditional foil laminate or film laminates. The aluminum layer is 300 angstroms thick (An angstrom is one ten-millionth of a millimeter). To illustrate: if you took a single Coke can and rolled it out over the area of a football field, it would still be thicker than the layer of aluminum on this transfer-metallized product. Additionally, Envirofoil® is brighter than other commercial transfer products, reading 850 on a scale of 0-1,000 on a Gardner Gloss meter, versus under 800 for other commercial products.


Interseroh, Germany: Scored 19 out of 20 in terms of recyclability. Hazen Envirofoil® has earned the ability to use Interseroh's seal "Made for Recycling" on packaging made with this substrate.

Made_For_Recycling_certificate_1642_Hazen Holographic Envirofoil®
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Made_For_Recycling_certificate_1641_Hazen Silver Envirofoil®
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Luscense, Italy: Hazen Envirofoil® earned the use of "RECYCLABLE WITH PAPER - – Aticelca® 501".

Are you interested in creating an award winning package or print design, without nailing the environment? Learn more about Hazen's Envirofoil® today by contacting

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