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12pt C2S Holojet Digital Product Information:


he 10pt C1S and 12pt C2S Foiljet Digital product has a very popular and versatile primer on the surface of the transfer metallized side of the product. The primer is press ready, will provide excellent adhesion of the HP ElectroInk, and offers improved rub resistance on a variety of substrates printed on the HP Indigo press. These primers are a non-flammable water-based technology with no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compound). This primer contains no solvents, is friendly to the environment and does not degrade the printer blanket with repeated use. The primer is non-carcinogenic, is easy to use, and has a minimum one year shelf life; it will not yellow, absorb moisture or become tacky. The white side of the 12pt C2S product is also an HP Indigo certified substrate, by RIT.

Hewlett Packard has endorsed the use of this primer on both our 10pt C1S and 12pt C2S Foiljet Digital products on the HP Indigo Press 5000, 10000 and 12000 series presses.

The transferred aluminum onto the surface is not electrically conductive, and will not hold a static charge. Because of the product’s highly reflective nature, slight marring, scratching and finger-marking may occur. Clear coating after printing will help alleviate these conditions and is recommended.

Substrate Name: 10pt C1S Foiljet® Digital

Substrate Type: Transfer metallized

Caliper: 0.010″ /254 microns

Size: 19″ x 13″ grain short


Substrate Name: 12pt C2S Foiljet® Digital

Substrate Type: Transfer metallized on white clay side, coated Indigo certified back

Weight: 280 gsm

Caliper: 0.012” /305 microns

Size: 19” x 13” grain short and 20.8″ x 29.5″

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