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Hazen Envirofoil® is transfer-metallized, with no plastic and a minimum amount of aluminum – so it’s as easily recycled as printed paper. Dramatic source reduction means it carries 20  times less metal per square inch than metallic ink. Envirofoil® can be printed offset or with digital ink. It meets strict environmental criteria, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and the International Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

Envirofoil® is available in silver as well as holographic variants. A package created with custom holography on Hazen Envirofoil® delivers a unique selling tool customs want to pick up. It defies counterfeiting, and refracts light to simulate emotion and a tactile appeal. But even more amazingly, it’s environmentally friendly. In a recent case study, the utilization of Hazen Holography's eye catching allure can increase sales up to 70%.


Certified Recyclable. After scoring Envirofoil® 19 out of 20 total points for recyclability using methodology developed by the bifa Environmental Institute, Interseroh, in Cologne, Germany, authorized the use of the “Made for Recycling” quality seal for packaging made with silver or holographic Envirofoil. The Lucense Research Institute, based in Italy, granted Envirofoil the certification "Recyclable with Paper - Aticelca® 501.” Hazen President John Hazen commented, “these environmental seals of approval telegraph quickly to consumers that the products they are buying are packaged sustainably. The ability to verify sustainability is increasingly important to consumers, so it is also important to brand owners, and to us.” 

Use Hazen Envirofoil® to show your true colors. Unlike full-spectrum holography, Hazen’s next-generation “white-motion” holography allows you to enhance your most provocative ideas without compromising color. Add dimensionality, movement or texture while ensuring that corporate or brand colors stay true. Or, capture the rainbow and dazzle customers with prismatic color.

We make dreams a reality. Working in partnership with your designers and printers, our team of holographers develops holographic effects that realize your ultimate creative vision, optimized for printer capability. Our vertically integrated operation delivers tight production control and fast turnaround.

Pushing the envelope. And the package. Hazen dedicated holography for the Artic Blue Gin  featuring Envirofoil® was awarded 2020 “Product of the Year” by the Association of International Metallizers, Coaters, and Laminators (AIMCAL). Hazen was also award “Product of the Year” by AIMCAL for Titleist golf ball packages featuring Envirofoil®.

Unparalleled quality and brightness. Sub-micron transfer-metallized Envirofoil® is manufactured with less than 1% of the aluminum of traditional foil laminate or film laminates, reuses the film carrier multiple times, and is recyclable as paper – as attested by these new certifications. Brighter than other transfer-metallized products, Envirofoil® registers a reading of 850 on the 0 to 1,000 scale of a Gardner gloss meter, versus less than 800 for competitors. 

Responsible for success. Hazen Paper, founded in 1925, is committed to sustainability, using renewable energy sources and recycling hundreds of tons of laminated and transfer-metallized paper each year. Within our vertically integrated facility, over 80% of our power is generated from renewable resources. We’re proud to deliver exceptional materials that drive sales for our customers while conserving natural resources. Work with us, and you can be proud of it too.


2023 Basketball Hall of Fame Enshrinement Booklet Featuring Hazen Envirofoil®:

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