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Hazen paper company creates holographic cover for Sunday’s big game

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Hazen Paper Customizes Holographic Memorabilia for Basketball Hall of Fame

Hazen Paper Customizes Holographic Memorabilia for Basketball Hall of Fame
September 20, 2017
For the fifth year running, Hazen Paper Company has created custom holographic keepsakes for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA. Hazen was drafted this year to collaborate on a cover for the Hall of Fame’s 2017 commemorative enshrinement yearbook and a suite of complementary, color-keyed event tickets. The 2017 cover featured traditional black and white images of the inductees, contrasted against innovative holography spotlighting recognizable Springfield landmarks, including the iconic Hall of Fame dome.

According to President John Hazen, “The opportunity to work with the Hall of Fame again this year motivated us to outdo our past performance, a challenge our holographic lab took to heart. We developed two brand-new techniques, Hazen White-motion 3D Animation and Micro-sculpture nano technology, to intensify the optical sensation of depth in two-dimensional images and enable more realistic color expression.”

Custom Hazen Holography reflects and refracts light to create the sensation of dimension, depth and motion, adding visual appeal and value to event marketing materials and memorabilia. “The creative possibilities of custom holography are infinite,” declares Hazen, “there is always something new you can do.” Enhanced souvenirs are more collectible, and high-security technology used to safeguard currency makes them impossible to counterfeit. The keepsake yearbooks and tickets were printed digitally on an HP Indigo press, and individually numbered for authentication.

Hazen’s commitment to performance and sustainability shines on covers created on Holojet, a Hazen Envirofoil product engineered for digital printing. Transfer-metallized, Envirofoil delivers outstanding visual effects, reliable performance, and significant environmental benefits. Envirofoil uses less than 1% of the aluminum of traditional foil laminate, reuses the plastic, is manufactured with renewable energy and third-party-certified recyclable as paper. It is available in a wide range of holographic patterns and metallic colors and can be fully customized, making it an ideal choice for collectible posters, tickets and magazines, such as the Basketball Hall of Fame yearbook and the NFL Super Bowl program.

Founded in 1925, Hazen Paper Company is an innovative paper converter specializing in holographic origination, film coating, foil and paper lamination, metallizing, gravure printing, specialty coating and rotary embossing. A family-run company headquartered in Holyoke, MA, Hazen is committed to sustainability, producing specialty materials for worldwide use in retail display and POP, luxury, entertainment and media packaging, bookbinding, scratch-off lottery and other security-related tickets, tags and cards, and fine art applications. Since 2006, Hazen has produced holographic design, large-format origination and production utilizing a number of leading-edge technologies including Hazen-Lens. Hazen supplies converted paper and paperboards that are FSC, SFI and PEFC certified. For more information, visit or call 413-538-8204.

Hazen Paper Co. Honored with International Award for Holography

Hazen Paper Co. Honored with International Award for Holography
BusinessWest Staff on January 8, 2018 in Daily News
HOLYOKE — Hazen Paper Co. was recognized with an Excellence in Holography Award from the International Hologram Manufacturers Assoc. (IHMA) at its annual conference in Barcelona, Spain. The annual awards recognize outstanding achievement in pioneering innovative holographic products or techniques, as well as the best use of holography in commercial applications. Singled out from a record number of entries, Hazen was awarded Best Applied Decorative Packaging Product for its own promotional 2017 calendar and supporting brochure.

The six-panel brochure and related poster/calendar each highlight different capabilities and product characteristics, though they both feature a dramatic image of a woman dressed in a gown of gold satin, who appears radiant and three-dimensional, thanks to custom Hazen Holography. According to the IHMA, the two are “a beautiful display of holographic art with many technical features.”

The brochure, which showcases more than 50 holograms to inspire design and packaging innovators, was constructed of holographic film laminated to both sides of a paperboard cover stock. The film acts as a hinge at the folds and seals the stock, resulting in enhanced lay-flat properties and durability. Holography on the front is registered to print as well as to the holography on the back, without re-combine lines.

The poster/calendar demonstrates Hazen’s large-format holographic capability and compatibility with green objectives, digitally printed on transfer-metallized Hazen Envirofoil, an environmentally friendly product that uses less than 1% of the aluminum of traditional foil laminate, none of the film, and is recyclable as paper. Film-free Envirofoil’s ultra-thin metallized layer also delivers exceptional lay-flat results on this oversized piece.

The IHMA, a nonprofit organization registered in the United Kingdom, promotes the cooperation of over 100 of the world’s foremost holographic companies to maintain the highest professional, security, and quality standards in support of its customers. IHMA members, who are scrupulously vetted, adhere to a “strict code of practice governing standards, business ethics, customer service, respect for and protection of customers’ and each others’ intellectual property.” In 2016, the IHMA presented Hazen President John Hazen with the Brian Monaghan Award for Business Innovation. Hazen Paper has been a member of the IHMA since 2005.

Happy New Year 2018 from Hazen Paper.

Our 2018 Hazen Holographic™ Calendar showcases a number of new cutting edge holographic technologies. The theme for 2018 is “Creative Freedom”. The Torch of Liberty is a holographic Fire-Lens™. The Manhattan skyline is animated in White Motion™ holographic. The Arm of Liberty is etched deeply with Pixelated Engraved Groove™. The waters of the mighty Hudson River ripple in Color Motion 2D/3D Tinsel™. The Wide Format Tableau™ is free of unsightly re-combine lines. Hazen is proud to offer our customers great creative freedom with our holographic design studio and integrated manufacturing capabilities. We have many exciting developments planned for 2018!

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